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A WARNING of great judgment from the Almighty Lord God of Israel ... ... to the Palestinians, the peoples of Philistia & The Gaza Strip, is  coming in very soon and due time ... as prophesied in His written word!
01  -  A Message to Philistia & The Gaza Strip - A Warning! (The First Message) MESSAGE Documents: PDF - View Message FlipBook - View via Flash Portable / Mobile - View FlipBook - Download EXE VIDEO: - View

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Message Organization:

Messages from the Lord God generally include the following:

The intended recipient of the Message.

The Message as given by the Lord God.

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time,  specifically knows the identity of the speaker in the Message, at any given time.

Demarcation of the beginning and ending of the Message.

The date and time in which the Message was written and SIGNED by the Lord God.

The message as SEALED by the writer and deliverer of the Message (as to being authentically from the Lord God).

The date the Message was COMPLETED and finalized (if different from the date delivered).

The date the Message was DELIVERED (periodically including the time, as well, if necessary and pertinent to the


The date of publication in which the Message was PUBLISHED and released publicly.

The Deadline information of the Message and date(s), as applicable.

01  -  A Message to Philistia & The Gaza Strip - A Warning! (The First Message) 01  -  A Message to Philistia & The Gaza Strip - A Warning! (The First Message) Palestinians
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