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Declaration of Authenticity as to the Words,

Statements & Testimonies of the Lord God

The views, values, and expressions within these messages, declarations, and edicts, and the contents of this website, are indeed the views, perspectives, & opinions of ... The Lord Yahweh God Jehovah ... The Son of His Eternal Love, Yeshua Ha'Messiach - The Lord Jesus Christ ... and His Bless-ed Holy Spirit … … and are not of my own or these organizations (except where specifically noted, as to be the views, perspectives, and opinions of the High Servant of the Lord God). Therefore, unless specified explicitly, they are absolutely those of the Lord God ... Covenantal Ministries (and the associated and affiliated organizations of the High Servant of the Lord God), is THE official, formal, authorized, and sole legitimate VOICE of the Lord Yahweh God Jehovah; Yeshua Ha'Messiach - the Lord Jesus Christ; and the bless-ed Holy Spirit … … to the nations of the United States of America; the State of Israel; the other few nations of the Lord God, & to the whole of the entire Earth …

Message Document Viewing

If you cannot open and view a particular message document, try another method to

view it (for which multiple viewing methods are provided, using flash, non-flash,

and HTML5); or use a different web browser (if you have more than one installed).

If you are still unable to view with any of these methods or web browsers, please

contact us for assistance.

Message Organization

Messages from the Lord God, generally include the following:

The intended recipient of the Message.

The Message as given by the Lord God.

If the Message includes anyone speaking other than the Lord God, it is

specifically delineated, so that the reader, at all time,  specifically knows the

identity of the speaker in the Message, at any given time.

Demarcation of the beginning and ending of the Message.

The date and time in which the Message was written and SIGNED by the

Lord God.

The message as SEALED by the writer and deliverer of the Message (as to

being authentically from the Lord God).

The date the Message was COMPLETED and finalized (if different from the

date delivered).

The date the Message was DELIVERED (periodically including the time, as

well, if necessary and pertinent to the message).

The date of publication in which the Message was PUBLISHED and

released publicly.

The Deadline information of the Message and date(s), as applicable.

Declaration of Authenticity as to the Words, Statements & Testimonies of the Lord God Message Document Viewing Message Organization Legal Legal
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