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Temple to be Rebuilt

Command to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem has been given by the Lord God of Israel.
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Blog of the Lord God

The BLOG of the Lord God, is revealed on Monday, the 12th of November.

The Lord God is Back

The Lord God is back, & is NOW beginning to retake control of the World from His enemies & those who do not love Him.

Judgment of Israel Over

The judgment of Israel is NOW over, says the Lord God of Israel … start of its final restoration will begin immediately.
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Covenant of America

The covenant of America will soon be revealed … but will initiate a period of judgment for the sins of the nation.
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Judgment of America

Judgment of America has begun … these judgments for our sins & iniquities (both personal & national sins) will be harsh.
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Sun & Moon Changes

There will be significant signs & changes in the sun, the moon, the stars, & other heavenly bodies, beginning very soon.

Riches of the Earth & Seas

The Lord God will reveal the Riches, Treasures, & Secrets (1) of Earth & Seas; (2) the heavens; (3) of the Lord God - to His America & Israel.

History of the Future

The Lord God will, in the near future, provide "The History of the Future" (of the entire Earth), to America & Israel.

Supernatural Occurances

The supernatural works of the Lord God will increase exponentially in the coming days, weeks, months, & years.

King of Israel

The Lord God will very soon announce & anoint a King of Israel.
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Leader of America

The Lord God will soon announce & anoint a new Prophet, Priest, & Judge to be the Leader of America.
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Eternal Testament

The Lord God will provide revelation of the Eternal Testament, to be commissioned by the Redeemer- Intercessor, when He returns to the Earth.

High Prophet of God

The revealing of the High Servant of the Lord God, whom the Lord God has anointed & filled with His Spirit.
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Tabernacle to be Rebuilt

Command to build the Second Tabernacle of the Lord God is Given by the Lord God of America & Israel.
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Altar to be Built

The Command to Build the Altar of Redemption, of Yeshua Ha'Messiach, is Given by the Lord God of America & Israel.
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Gifts to State of Florida

Gifts to the peoples of the State of Florida - from the Lord God of America & Israel.
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Next Revealing

The NEXT Day of Revealing, on  the 15th of February 2014, will consist of greater revelations.


Hurricane Sandy Causes Devastation to the American Northeast
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The Lord God will soon announce a disaster trust fund for the Hurricane Sandy Devastation in America’s Northeast.
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Election Day Effects

Election day consequences on the United States of America (Article Coming Soon)
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