The High Servant of the Lord God
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I am a man who has been called by the Lord God to be His VOICE ... ... the VOICE of the One True and Living Lord God Almighty! I was trained extensively, for much of the past decade, directly by the Lord God Himself. During this training, I created Covenantal Ministries. Upon the completion of this training, in preparation for the revealing of His word, I created Covenantal, Inc. to be the corporate entity to contain Covenantal Ministries. The Lord God has directed me to be a “Watchman”, first for the House of Israel, and second, for the House of America; both of which are the two covenantal nations of the Lord God. But, more specifically, I am the VOICE of the Lord God to the House of Israel AND the House of America (for those that believe in the Lord God, as well as for those that do not). Although I have been sent to preach to the lost sheep of the Houses of Israel and America, I am also to preach and teach ALL of His words to the entirety of the Earth, as well. I am to reveal the Words and Prophecies of the Lord God for these Last and FINAL Days (of the Latter Days of the End of this Age; of which we are in currently). The Lord God calls this age the FINAL “Pre-Tribulation Age”; the time which immediately proceeds the “Great and Terrible Day of the Lord” - which is indeed a period of time coming IMMINENTLY upon the Earth. Furthermore, there are a few additional scattered nations on the earth that are also the nations of the Lord God, and He has directed me to reveal this fact to these nations and to each other. Additionally, He has directed me to unite His nations in a way in which they can cooperate and share their common heritage, as well as provide for and defend each other. The Lord God’s direction and intention is to give these nations and peoples direction and guidance, as well as to give them His provision and protection - through His divine providence. God Bless! R. Joseph Grant “Prophet by God” The High Servant of the Lord God The Emissary of the Lord God Covenantal Ministries Covenantal, Inc. Technology Investment & Research Corporation
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