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Non-Profit Disclaimer This ministry has decided not to file for the non-profit 501c3 tax exempt status under American IRS (Internal Revenue Service) rules due to the restrictions and limitations that these rules would require this ministry to operate under, in so far as speaking the Word and being the voice of the True & Living, Almighty Lord God. Such increasingly stringent tax codes, regulations, excessive reporting requirements, and limitations would restrict this organization from being the VOICE of the Lord God, as well as be instrumental in restricting the words and actions of the Lord God. However, to make it clear, He will not restrict His words and activities to those allowable or restricted by the laws, rules, and regulations of any of the nations of mankind, or of any of its peoples. Without question, this ministry will be very politically active in America, Israel, as well as globally. The United States of America belongs to the Lord God by covenant (in addition to a few other nations that are His; or that profess Him as the Lord God of their nation). Such nations include America, Israel, Canada, and a few select others, across the face of the entire Earth. Although your donation is not tax deductible, it will be of great service to the Lord God. You will be abundantly blessed, according to the degree of commitment and giving that this donation is - according to the Lord God’s principle of the requirement of the giving of the firstfruits of your life to Him. This requirement is in addition to your responsibility of giving and tithing, as written in His Holy Word, the Holy Bible.
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